The Blue Wren Tea House

By Appointment and Booking ONLY Please call (08) 9885 1181

The Blue Wren Tea House is our farm shop and cafe. It is available by booking for functions and groups.

Everything on our menu has been grown biodynamically (BD) or organically(O) (where possible), which means using natural biological methods, without the use of chemicals, pestisides and artificial fertilisers. We believe that this food is not only better for you, but tastes better also. Please feel free to ask any questions, and we will do our best to answer them. We wish you a happy life and know that this depends on the choices you make, how you think and what you do! God bless you!
Kelly and William Newton-Wordsworth


Cup of Tea $2.00
Pot of Tea for One $2.50
Pot of Tea for Two $4.50
Freshly squeezed orange, carrot, apple, frozen nectarines,
plums, or whatever fresh fruits and berries we have available

Kiddy $2.50
Small $3.50
Large $6.50

Cappucino $3.00
Smoothie Kiddy $2.50
Small $3.50
Large $6.50
Muggacino $3.90
Chocolate Milk shake $5.50
Decaf Cappucino $3.00
Expresso $3.00
Cup of instant coffee $ 2.50
Baby Cino $1.50
Hot Chocolate $3.50

Available Teas: Black, Herbal Teas (Williams River Produce teas grown here at Boraning
including peppermint, lemongrass, rosemary and orange). We also have chamomile,licorice, Rooibos and others. Please ask for your favourite!

All day Breakfast:

Toast and Marmalade $4.50
Fruit Toast $4.90
Scrambled (BD) eggs on 2 pieces of O toast $ 8.50
2 Soft boiled (Demeter "A"grade BD ) eggs and organic toast $7.50
Bowl of Muesli with BD oats, almonds, Together with BD yoghurt (assorted flavours) $7.50
Stack of two pancakes (made with BD Sultanas ( freshly made) with BD milk, eggs,flour and milk ) $8.50

Morning &Arvo Teas:
Scones and jam and cream $4.50
Assorted cakes and biscuits at assorted prices

Main Meals:

"Justa cuppa soup" (which includes two slices of toasted bread from Abhi's bakery in Freo ) $5.50

T-bone Steak, together with fresh salad from
the garden, (incl.olives and avocados) $19.50

"Justa cuppa curry",

(a big cup of the Curry of the Day, made with Beef, with rice on the side and two pieces of toast) $12.50

Rump Steak, together with fresh salad from the
garden,( with WRP olives and
BD avocados) $19.50

Spagetti Bolognese made Williams River Beef and Organic Tomatoes with
Organic onions and garlic together
with organic pasta $12.50

Kiddies Menu:
"Toasties"- 2 pieces of O toasted
cheese ( and tomato and onion
if required ) $3.50

"Kiddy Keesh"- Small serve of Quiche and fresh garden salad $5.50

Curry of the Day, made with WRP
BD Beef , BD and organic Veges
With Demeter A Grade White rice $12.50

Nachos- Bowl of organic nachos with O Nacho sauce $6.50

Sweet Potato and Red Lentil Curry
& Rice (Suitable for weight watchers.
1 serve approx 5pts) $9.50

Quiche ( made with Eggs, Spinach,Tomatoes
and Onions) with salad fresh from the garden
where possible) $12.50

Large Bowl of Nachos to share $12.50



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